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Inheritance Tax

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Annual Exemption
Normal Expenditure out of income
Gifts on Marriage
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Annual Exemption
Gifts of up to £3,000 per tax year are exempt from inheritance tax.

Normal Expenditure out of income
Gifts consisting of normal expenditure out of income (e.g. birthday and Christmas presents, or regular gifts) are wholly exempt from inheritance tax, provided it can be clearly demonstrated that these gifts are out of income (and not savings or capital).

Gifts on Marriage

Gifts made on marriage are exempt from inheritance tax if they are below the following limits:-

  • £5,000 if made by a parent of the bride or groom
  • £2,500 if made by a grandparent
  • £2,500 if made by the bride to the from or vice versa
  • £1,000 in any other case

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